Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Cleaning Time Has Sprung...Inside and Out

I decided that the kitchen counters were in need of a major re-organizing and cleaning! I am sooooooooo F-ing sick of the perpetual clutter that takes over my counter tops...ARGHHHH!
Hopefully this will solve the problem! I love the result

Then S and I decided that the outside of our house made our very humble abode look a little on the trash side...and I mean trash! With all of the wind and the snow and the rain and the things that were never brought in before the snow flew this winter there was much to be picked up! My trusty little man and I took to the task with gusto and believe you me...the grounds are clutter free! We 3/4 filled our weekly dumpster (90 gal.) with the things that had blown around. Here are the pictures of the yard after the clean up! Imagine the yard with all of that CRAP strewn all over the place, lovely huh!

"Mommy I am tired!" Can't blame him...he is a great helper! Thanks buddy!


  1. A JOB WELL DONE!!!! KUDOS to BOTH OF YOU! I am so proud of you in all of the help that you gave your Mom, Sam! The yard and surroundings look GREAT!! Love, Momma and Oma

  2. Way to go! All that hard work deserves a reward of some kind! I finally spent the time to get control over the "hotspots" in our house this week. They were overtaking us.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments!

  3. I love this time of year, but once the snow is gone trash seems to appear out of nowhere...I swear someone planted perennial bottle cap and gun wrapper bulbs in front of my house long, long ago!