Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Transform a pillowcase into a valance...TUTORIAL

Soooooo....As Julia can attest I have been at a loss for finding bedding and curtains for the newly painted rooms in our house.  I have been browsing for something about as long as the rooms have been finished, and still have found nothing...till today.

I bought a sheet set for the guest room, that is just neutral enough not to make Jay cringe when he walks in the room, and not mind sitting on the bed. 
The only problem didn't match the window valance I had in place before.

I have king size pillow on the twin bed currently, so the pillowcase that came in the set was not in need.  Then it occurred to me...

So I set to making a valance to match my bedding, and here my MY tutorial!

1. Take a twin size pillowcase and lay it out on a table

2. Cut the sewn edges along the seam of the top and bottom of the long sides of the pillow case...LEAVE THE EDGE NOT SEWN ALONE!!!! IMPORTANT!  This will be the middle of the valance.

3. Lie out the fabric again, and iron flat.

4. Then take the edge you want to be the bottom of the valance, and fold the raw edge up about 1 inch, iron all the way across

5. Then fold that same edge 1 inch again (hiding the raw edge). Iron in place and pin along the entire edge to assure no shifting while sewing.

6. Sew about 1/4 inch from the edge of the newly folded edge all across the entire edge.

7. Switch now to the side that is going to be the top of the valance where the curtain rod is going to be placed.

8. Fold over the raw edge 1/3 inch or so...iron flat all across entire edge

9. Fold again 1/3 inch or so, and iron again.

10. Pin into place

11. Sew across newly folded edge.

12. Now take that same side and fold it upon the wrong side of the fabric about 3 inches in height.  

13. Iron flat and pin into place


15. NOW, SEW DIRECTLY OVER THE ORIGINAL SEAM YOU MADE  (YOU KNOW...THE 1/3 INCH OR SO SEAM FROM STEP 11 ! ).  This makes the bottom seam for the curtain rod to be placed

16. Cut loose threads, and place new valance on a curtain rod.

17.  HANG and ADMIRE your fine job!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's All Relative

Jay and I had a visit this weekend by his mom, brother, and Nephew Aiden

My dad thought it would be a great idea to bring them on a Gondola ride, and show them first hand where we ski.

Here are some photos from the visit.  We all had a great time!

Aiden, Brian, Sam and Jay

Sam and Nana

We had such a nice time, and it was just what my sore bones needed...fresh air, and a free ride on a cushy seat!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Usually I ski on my skis as I have done for over 27 years, today I flew down the mountain on my ASS!  

I was on the ski lift with Eben and Jay, when Eben accidentally dropped his mitten under the lift just before we got off.  Being the "superwoman" I am my mind, I decided to go get the $1.50 mitten.  IDIOT!!

I took off my skis, swung them over my shoulder, grabbed my ski poles, and took off under the lift. 

I got about 15 feet from the mitten, and shifted my weight into my bottom to inch over to the mitten because it was a bit slick where I was...then it happened...I WAS FREE FALLING!

I was sliding at a hugely fast pace, seeing trees, and saplings, rocks, and snow flying by me.  My skis were thrown, my poles akimbo, and my body bounced down the mountain.  All I kept thinking was...PLEASE DON'T LET ME HIT A TREE, scream...PLEASE LET ME STOP SOON, more screaming...WHY THE HELL DON'T I WEAR A HELMET...IDIOT!

Then I saw a sapling that I thought I could grab.  I reached for it, and as I did I rolled onto my stomach, and then realized...I can dig in my toes...I can claw at the ice, and so I did...AND THEN IT HAPPENED...I STOPPED! I had traveled about 150 feet.

I have more bruises and cuts than I can show, but here are a few for your viewing pleasure. 

Right Shoulder

Nose skin torn off of tip, then replaced, and scrape to the left.  THIS BLED LIKE A BITCH!

It could have been a whole lot worse, and the pain is setting in, but I am relieved! The most sad thing is that I lost the lovely wrap bracelet that Julia got for me as birthday present a few years back.  I loved it dearly. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

And the Winner of The Spoon Swap Is...

Winner Please Email Me at with your address information!

Thanks for entering ladies.  Sorry to those who Sam did not choose.

Have a great day!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Check out our pattern shop!

Julia and I have decided to start up a new Etsy shop, Adironack Patterns
We will be selling our crochet patterns and sewing tutorials there! 
I am so excited to embark on this with Julia, and I really hope you will hop over and take a look!


Friday, March 19, 2010


Today...started out a bit rough.  I was awake from 1AM till 4AM with a sore throat and coughing.  CRAP!

Then I had an MD appointment and got some Antibiotics for my strep throat...YAY!!!!

When I got home Jay...yes Jay, Julia...had the idea to go to the beach for a PICNIC with the boys.  I know Julia...he was not abducted and switched for another Jay, believe me.

The boys were SUPER excited! jay even let them each wear one of his baseball hats!

So we made some sandwiches for all of us, and drove on down to our local beach.  

Today was about 62 Degrees F. 

When we got to the beach we felt a bit over dressed...nothing like eating lunch by the river, TOPLESS! 
I might try it next time~LOL

So after our sandwiches

The boys spun, climbed, swung, and ran

Then we went home, had a nap, and woke up feeling so much better...double YAY!

We had a great day and topped it off with some fantastic london broil, garlic alfredo penne pasta, and a salad.

I love days like this, where everything goes right.

Hope you had a wonderful day too my friends!

Don't forget Monday is the Sam's drawing for the swap winner!  Join up if you haven't... here.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Day

Well ladies, as my sister will contest, I have a SMATTERING of dishes, and silverware, many of which do not MATCH! Julia kindly bought my adorable last set at the thrift store, and I thank her so much for that, but today I came across some amazing bargains and I had to share.

I got home, tore into the house, and emptied out my old dishes to make way for my new babies!

I got out my knife to open the packages

Then stabbed into the MANY boxes, pouring out their delicious contents.

Then I stabbed into MYSELF~OUCH!

I got two 16 piece sets of Better Homes and Gardens dishes for $17.00 each set !!!!

Then I came across a 46 piece silverware set WITH a caddy to store them in for $19.00!!!!

I officially have a fabulous table setting for 8...count them 8 guests, if I ever have that many people over.  That being said, I am happy, it is a happy day!

P.S.  Don't forget to check out my swap...Monday is the cut off, so come on over!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Anyone Want To Swap with me?

I have come across the same measuring spoon set I gifted to my sister many years ago. Julia got a few compliments on them from the posts she had with pictures of her using them for baking, etc.

Picture from Julia's Photostream on Flickr:

For those who liked them I thought I might throw them into blog land and see if anyone else would like to swap something for them. 

They are pretty don't you think?

Pewter Butterfly Measuring Spoons

I love the little butterflies.

I can't decide which side is prettier, the front or the back.

 So, if you have something handmade, or bought that you in turn would like to swap for these little lovelies please post a comment below.  I especially love handmade things.  They only cost around $21.00, so obviously nothing crazy expensive to swap with, but I thought if someone had something that might like a new home, maybe I could be that person!

Just post a comment below with a description of what you would like to swap, or if you like, a link to a picture of what you would like to swap.   
 Sam will pick a winner on next Monday the 22nd.  

Tell your friends!

Have a great day, Laura!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Sam, Eben and I are all sick...

I will be having a swap post on Monday.
So tune in then for an exciting chance to swap something you have, or have made, for a fantastic item!
Tell your friends to tune in too!

Have a great day...cough, hack gag~


Sunday, March 7, 2010

House Renovations: Operation Guest Room

Well ladies, this past 3 days has been pretty exhausting, and fulfilling at the same time. After over 1 1/2 years of having unfinished walls, I finally got the gumption to do something about them...Here is what ensued: 

Before picture of the guest room (Sam's Old Room)

Jay and I prepared for battle, also known as sanding sheet rock joint compound

 Eye protection might have been a prudent decision

Jay doing manual labor...also known as nailing up trim...


The contents of the room taking over the living and dining rooms.  ARGHHHHH

Now, after 3 days of various states of disarray here is the finished project, and I LOVE IT!

Thanks for looking, over the next few weeks, we are going to tackle our guest bathroom...WISH US LUCK!