Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Scholar!

So, let me just say this, as a first time mom, first grade has been a huge undertaking.  It is by far not what any of us had expected. I remember first grade being like an extension of Kindergarten, just a bit less play, and a bit more ABC's and 123'S.  Sam is taking everything in stride, and he likes his teacher (although I am not sharing his sentiments AS much) which is great!  He has a lot of friends, and has not turned into someone other than SAM, my love.  His reading was having some issues with comprehension, and he was having problems deciding which + or - symbol to use in math problems  (according to the parent teacher conference in November).  In my eyes he was doing AMAZING!  Of course we all think our children can do no wrong, but as a rational person I took a step back, and looked at what the teacher had said.  By doing so, I did notice that there were definitely things that we could be more diligent in.  So I set, and sometimes my husband set, to work.  It has been just over a month now, and MAN is there a HUGE difference.    

So yesterday, we had a first!  He did every ounce of his homework by himself, including reading the questions on the math papers!  I was beaming, and thought I would share.  

Working Hard...thinking

See that little pink pill?  Yeah that is the bane of my life right pre-natal vitamin, and I HATE IT!

While I made dinner, he worked independently.

Look how great he did!  Two of these pages, and one math problem page.  ALL ALONE!
(they are learning time too!)

Then as I was signing off on his homework, Sam asked me how I "draw" my name like I do, and I told him it is cursive. Then I asked if he wanted to write his name. I wrote the first line, and then he did his copy cat version. I think he did awesome!

Finally I leave you with a picture of my current favorite thing on my son's body:
This tooth has been edging it's way forward for weeks now, and there is barely a wiggle to it. So funny! I love how he looks with it. Endearing I think is the right word.

Here is to a better parent teacher conference next time, and to a smart, loving boy who likes to make his mama and daddy proud! 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Merry DE-Christmas! I woke up thoroughly annoyed by the tree that just last night brought me such joy.
The twinkling lights that once made me smile and feeling happy were mocking now "HA HA, you still have us up, and it is WAY past New Years, you procrastinator! Na na na na na."

Not to be one upped by a tree mind you I set to taking it all down.  Ornament by ornament, light string by light string.  As each one was bagged up, my whole body felt calmer, happier, and more free from the stress of the Holidays.  I was left with needles (synthetic, but needles none the less), and dust, and oodles of cat hair layered under the tree. A quick vacuuming, a little re-arranging, and now I have my house back the way I like it!

Oh, and a de-cluttered table area.  SO NICE!

Since the boys are in school again, I thought it was high time for some Mommy time! I then decided to treat myself to a crochet a thon while watching a little Gordon Ramseys Kitchen Nightmares
It was the one at Moore house for those who follow the show, and I loved it!

 Hope you all have a productive lovely day also~Laura

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today as I pulled back the curtain to take my first of TWO daily tubs. That is right TWO!  
This baby has made it's Mama a full on bath addict!  I am not a fan of baths in general, in fact prior to being pregnant this time, I avoided them like the plague.  But since October, they are my favorite craving:

The soaking,
The warmth, 
The bubbles,

I was entertained by what I saw...

A slew of little bath toys, all of them beached together, abandoned hastily by last nights bathing of the boys, given by my husband while I was at work. 
I chuckled at the way that little plastic boy had landed while the water drained, draped over the dolphin, and posed in a diving fashion.  Oh, and the Zebra...he seemed a bit out of place as well.  The space guy at the forefront of the picture did not seem to faze my thoughts because he looks a "little off".

Before my tub, I posed for my 13 week belly picture.  
A little late, 4 days to be exact, but better late than never. 

Lastly I share with you a glimpse at the stunning jewelry set my sister MADE for me.  That is right...MADE!

She gifted me with this adorable nest charm with pearl eggs tucked inside the silver, and a pair of dangly, sparkly, matching earrings.  Aren't they lovely?  I think so too!