Sunday, March 29, 2009

A first for me...a feast!

I set my table

I made homemade dinner rolls

A snack platter

Homemade cabbage and apple salad

Homemade mashed potato bake

My first ever turkey!!!

Slightly overdone ham (was wonderful on the inside!)

We also had cranberry sauce, gravy from scratch, and brownies! It was delicious and I have never made an entire Turkey dinner by myself. I made this for my mother who loves turkey dinner, and I love I made her a surprise dinner! I am a proud lady, but believe it or favorite thing to make was the rolls! I am a true baker at heart!


  1. Birdie....EVERYTHING was FANTASTIC. VERY PROUD of you and your many skills! Aunt Emma's rolls were to die for... YUMMY! Thanks a MILLION for a wonderful, delicious evening. What a GREAT surprise.

  2. That is crazy, the homemade rolls look amazing. I still don't think I could tackle the yeast in the homemade breads it scares me.

  3. The dinner was beyond an accomplishment for you. Mom couldn't help but brag about what a delicious dinner you made.

    Those rolls.....oh THOSE rolls

    Ah Beyond