Thursday, October 29, 2009

My how you have grown...

Have you ever wondered how this

Can turn into this?

Or how this

Can turn into this?

I swear, sometimes I think someone waved a magic wand over my life, and then turned the clock ahead over the past 5 + years. Where is that babe I grew inside me? Where is that little one with the hiccups that made my whole belly jump?
Isn't it amazing how a few unearthed old papers and a lot of free time with your
VERY INDEPENDENT, GROWN UP little ones can make you feel so retrospective?


Monday, October 26, 2009

I really had my day cut out for me...

~Well, actually my day was spent cutting~

I made a point of doing something other than watching the obligatory DVR'd shows I usually watch on my day off, and decided to do something productive instead. To that end I decided to make a FEW burpies for the store.
I eventually ended up spending my day today making 36 Burpies

I began at 8:30 am and finished at 2:30 pm working non stop. It was worth every minute...believe me.
You see I only have to do this today, not tomorrow, not the next day, just today! This job is a tedious, messy job, of which, I have done for over 150 burpies during the life of our business.
In making the burpies I must relinquish my entire dining area, kitchen, carpet, clothing and my own head of hair to the fluff that exploded out of each burpie.

You see, when you cut the terry cloth it releases little bits of white snow-like pieces that cling to anything in their path.

Here I am with a lap full

And here is Ella lying amongst some of the scraps

Here they are sewn wrong side out

And right side out

And finally here they are finished and tied and ready for the sales!

All in all a lovely, productive, fantastic day!

~Thanks for reading~

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A tutorial: my thumbless mittens for winter babes

I came up with this for our Holiday Craft Fairs

Here is the tutorial:

Begin with a cut out pattern of the size mitten you would like.
Lay over a double layer of fleece of your liking

Cut out two double layer sets

Cut out a piece of 1/4 in elastic roughly as long as the flat edges of your two cut pieces lying side by side plus 2 inches

Lay one piece flat on the table wrong side up, take the elastic and lie it about 1/2 in. inside the flat edge (so you can fold over the edge to fully cover the elastic)

Fold the edge over the elastic (this will be on the inside of the mitten)

Sew along the folded edge, making sure NOT to sew into the elastic!!!

When you get almost to the end of the first half of the mitten, take the second half and fold around the elastic. as you did previously, while it is still in the sewing machine. Continue sewing in one continuous stitch.

It should look like this when done

Then fold the two together with RIGHT sides together

Gather the fabric and pull the elastic until desired tension and stretch is reached

With fabric still gathered, place under presser foot of sewing machine and begin sewing around the perimeter of the mitten

When you get to the end of the stitching the perimeter (almost to the wrist end opposite where you started) pull the fabric away from the area you need to finish stitching.

Hold in place and stitch to the end of the mitten wrist

Clip the excess elastic and threads

Here is the finished wrong side out view

And the finished product

Now as they say: lather, rinse and REPEAT for the second mitten

Hope their are some toasty warm baby hands happening after this tutorial!

OOOOHHHHHHHH...I also added these clasps to the vests~


Friday, October 23, 2009

A new pattern and some cute winter vests!

Sorry for the lapse between posts, Jay had the camera and big laptop in Atlantic City

Today, inspired by Julia's newest pants designs, I was feeling crafty and decided to try something new. I grabbed my pen and paper, and MY BRAIN, and got to it! We definitely needed some winter merchandise for the shop and the crafts fair this November... summer dresses I am sure will NOT be flying off of the shelves~LOL

I decided on some cutie patootie vests to design. I have never made a vest and do not own a vest besides a zip up fleece one, but thought it would be something fun ~

Here are the patterns I designed, flaws and all: I think they will fit a 3-4 year old girl

Here are the first three in their almost finished state
( I just have to buy and apply the clasps on the outside)

The inside lapel of the vest is also the fabric I used for the outer back fabric


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What to do, What to do?

Over the past first month of his first ever school year, I have been inundated with a daily insurgence of the mandatory ADORABLE ARTWORK a'la Sam Hayden. Mixed into this precious mix is scattered the homework that we all have helped him with and he is SO PROUD of.
So, my quandary is the following: What to keep and what to ditch?

After placing all of my sons' hard work upon my kitchen table:
I set to work making piles

Pile 1:
MOST of his schoolwork (cute, but certainly not heartwarming) that will be trashed~

Pile 2:
Calendars, Newsletters, Etc. for the month to KEEP as reminders of the events that transpired

Finally, the last pile:
THE ARTWORK! Here are just a FEW examples, with captions.
Bear with me, it is my boys' handiwork of which I coo!

"My family is the blue guys, and Eben's family is the green guys"
I especially love how they have no torsos, just heads with arms and legs a' kimbo!

"My bus, and George is driving it!"

A Babar hand puppet, need I say more?

They were learning about animal fitting...ANIMALS!!!!

A beaver for the "B" week. I love the teeth!

This is supposed to be Sam, but I think it bears a large resemblance to my father "Poppy"

Thanks for looking ladies ~ you rock!


I can't thank everyone enough for entering my giveaway and for the fantastic comments~ MY OH MY, how lucky am I to have had the chance to meet such lovely women from places all over the world! Many of whom were referred to me from my precious sister Julia, thanks Jules!
Here is a glimpse at a few of my new online introductions.

I met Michelle at Living Slowly and saw her adorable children and looked at her awesome, currently being restocked, shop.

I met Melissa from Australia at In Our Eyes and saw a glimpse of a land that I have never been, but think is as beautiful as the amazing accents that their natives have.

I am anxious to try this Apple Dumpling recipe from Elizabeth from Pennsylvania at So Wabi Sabi. Looks yummy yummy in my tummy!

A view at weight loss in (kg.) in Austria with Claudia at A Smooth Transition

Also Muriƫl from the Netherlands at Hopfaldera and her amazing new project foray to help homeless children in Grand Rapids Michigan.

I also would like to introduce you to my friend Bre at B's Blog. She is an AMAZING bag designer and has a wonderful eye for fabric combinations. She is one of my best friends and a GREAT mom and nurse... although she doesn't think so sometimes.

Thanks again for all who entered. The 27 comments was far cry from the sad turn out from my first giveaway. I know Blah Blah Blah, get on with it!

Without further ado...the winners are:

Cotton Pack Number One:
Nicola at WhichName?

Frog Print Pack Number Two:
Denise from Colorado at Eat Play Love

Congratulations ladies! Please email me your addresses at and these babies will be one their way to you!


Monday, October 12, 2009

A Fall look at my boy

Jay and I went out yesterday to get not only some pictures of Sam, but also to get some fresh air, as we have been cooped up on the house due to our sickness galore. That being said, we had a blast, and are sharing what our lens captures with you. Giving credit where credit is due I will notate which ones my husband took. He does wonderful things~ I took the rest.

Jay took the one above

Jay took the one above

Jay took the one above

Thanks for looking~

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Take Part in Fabric Giveaway Anyone?

Julia and I have recently been sick with colds and can't be at work around sick patients. We can however stay home and work. Fabric doesn't judge our scratchy voices or red noses. So, that being said we have gone through our fabric stashes while deciding what fabrics to use for our newest supplies of booties for the store.

It was rather daunting and fun at the same time to sift through the mayhem that was our scrap bag.

We turned this:

Into this:

Being that everyone enjoys some new blood every once in a while we decided to have a giveaway.
To win this giveaway COMMENT below with the scrap pack choice that you would like to win.
I will pick a winner out of a hat on Wednesday!

Giveaway Options

Scrap Pack Number One:
Variety Pack of Lovely Cotton Prints


Scrap Pack Number Two:
Cute Pastel Frog Prints