Sunday, March 15, 2009

I had to share...I made my husband handsome again!

We purchased this Wahl Professional Clipper last year, and ohhhhh the haircuts this one has seen. It is the only one that doesn't die half way through the cutting my wonderful husbands THICK ITALIAN LOCKS! Highly recommend this clipper!!! Worth every penny!

Here he is with the finished product! LOVE HIM SOOOOO MUCH!!!
The mound of hair on the floor...gross but wonderful at the same time! LOL


  1. My husband needs his spring shearing too...I keep threatening to buy clippers.

  2. Thanks Birdie for doing your Dad's luxurious locks tonight, as well. Mr. Handsome!!!! You are a great Barber-ess. Love, Momma

  3. Much more handsome than his UNI-BOMBER impersonation. I love those clippers.

    Love Jules

  4. A good clipper is a valuable tool! I learned how to do a clipper cut from my dad, who is an awesome barber, but for some reason, I use a POS clipper. I need a new, good one.