Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cross your green thumbs...In 28 days...

I have two of these started...Jiffy greenhouses

These are the seeds I sowed...they are gorgeous! I hope they sprout!!!
I have decided that this year I am going to have a garden, after many years of pining after and much admiration of my sister and her husbands AMAZING garden! In basically have Black thumbs, and am hoping that I will have something come of these lovely, contained little greenhouses. Cross your fingers and send me your gardening luck for all of you pros!
So the countdown is 28 days I should have sprouts! My little babies to watch grow!


  1. I hope these grow up to be as gorgeous as the photos......In a JIFFY, no pun intended.

    Glad you are going green.
    Love Jules

  2. Fabulous! The reason I used individual pots is that I had endless little ones in the barn and am really trying to use things that I have on hand. Isn't this a fun time of year???