Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On my walk today I saw...

A wonderful smattering of beauty!
The Boathouse Restaurant
Couldn't they just write it out? Do they have to be so visual? GROSS
Keep out never looked so lovely!
This always makes me laugh! What a name for a mountain!!!
I love driveway pillars! There were many that caught my lens on the walk.
Isn't this gorgeous? I want it bad!!! If it wasn't cemented into place I would have stolen it!
This is to die for! What craftsmanship!!!
Love the twisted metal of this one
Serenity personified
I want to print this up and give it to J when we are in a fight!
My favorite of the day...in the thicket of it! LOL
Don't you just want to sit here and have a chat? Saw this down a stairway to an alley way
Growing sideways...never seen anything like this before!
Church steeple of the church where mom and dad were married
Un-utilized adorable cottage at the entrance to private property


  1. Did you see the marker for one of the 46's...HOUGH.... our name on it? that's pretty cool too.

    I LOVE the THIN ICE idea!

    We have a lot of beautiful things surrounding us everywhere. We're very lucky to have it ALL.
    Love, Momma

  2. Yeah I have a pic of the Hough one, but didn't post it for privacy reasons... Love you!

  3. LOVE your new shoes! VERY cute.