Friday, February 13, 2009

Some dinners...I Semi-homemade! I am not a dinner gal, but am trying to mix it up a bit! Some recent hits!

Semi-Homemade Tuna Noodle and Peas (I am not a fan of cream of mushroom soup (GROSS), and came up with this substitution)

Make the noodles according to the intructions, add the flaked tuna and peas when the noodles are al-dente, and let simmer for 5 minutes will the tuna and peas are cooked through. I know it looks boring, if not gross to some, but it is really yummy and quick!

Lame but delicious salad...I am not a big Veggie Gal!

We also had bruschetta, but it went too fast to get a picture of it! DELICIOUS!!

Homemade Pasta E Fagioli Soup

One Jar Ragu Chunky GardenStyle Pasta Sauce
One Can Canellini Beans (Drained)
Two Vine Ripened Tomatoes Diced
One Half Package Of Frozen Spinach
One Half Box Of Ditalini Pasta

Boil the pasta, and drain, reserving 2 cups of the pasta water. Bring to boil the top 4 ingredients, and add the pasta water. Just prior to serving add the cooked pasta and mix gently. Serve and Enjoy!!! So yummy!!! Oh...salt and pepper to taste!

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  1. It all looks quite yummy. Good for you. I'm proud that you are "cooking". The boys love it!
    Love, Momma