Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am now a mom who clips!

So...Jay and I had 3 New Years Resolutions this year. We wanted to save money on groceries, not buy soda (we were spending on the low end $130.00 a month on soda), and clean our basement. I know that it is only Feb. 3rd, but we have done all of these things. Clipping coupons is one way we are saving money on the grocery bill! I find that the most rewarding part is when you check out and the subtotal comes up, then you hand the clerk your Advantage card and your stack of coupons and...down goes the total! It is so exciting! I am in love and found another use for my old quilting cutting supplies! Cuts the coupons so much quicker. I look forward to the Sunday Troy Record (2-3 coupon bundles in it!) I pull up a seat at my table, grab my cutting board, and start clipping!


  1. Hello there,
    I don't know if you saw our new blog, but it is dedicated to saving money in these "challenging" times. If you are interested in posting a guest post on something you do that saves money for your family, I would love to hear from you!
    Have a great rest of your week~

  2. So, you probably want to know what blog I was referring to... :)