Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My enjoyment of dishwashing, and the prop that is my dishwasher.

This is our non-working dishwasher, and it is still in it's home right next to the sink. It washed it's last dish in April of 2008...and not that well I might add. We actually went shopping for another one, but decided to wait until they went on sale. I washed dishes until they went on sale, and once they did I decided that we would save the $300.00+ and I would continue to wash the dishes, and Jay would put them away. So now it serves many purposes...dish strainer, dish storing, and it fills the hole that would have been left if we had removed it. I love washing the dishes, I love knowing that the dishes are CLEAN, and I love looking out the window while I do them.

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  1. Laura.....you never cease to make me laugh. I love you and your sense of humor.