Sunday, February 22, 2009

Slowly, but surely

The turning point...I heard this chomping noise in the back seat and I looked in my rear view mirror, there I see my 4 year old sitting in his carseat with his little hands in his mouth and his perfect teeth macerating his nails.

Me: "S, what are you doing?"
S: "Biting my nails off"
Me: "S! STOP IT!"
S: "But you do it mommy..."
Me: (Jesus...what now?) "Well don't do it again! Mommy is bad to bite her nails and I will try and stop. It is bad for your teeth!"
S: "OK Mommy, (then one last bite)

So, I have made progress and I actually forgot how handy nails are! My favorite part of having nails is painting them, oooohhhhhh and washing my hair and being able to scratch my head. A little piece of heaven that is! Weird but true! So I am unsure how long I will go, but it is a start! It only takes one frigging hang nail and I am off the wagon...

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