Monday, May 31, 2010


Today is Jay and my 7th Wedding Anniversary! 

It was a wonderful day!

Together we made this little man out of love...

 Who made me these little lovelies out of love...

One big happy family!  Through the highs and lows we are always there, and know the love is what binds us!

Here is to many more!


  1. What a beautiful wedding picture!!! (I have about 2 to commemorate my day, due to photography disaster!) Love the flip flops too, SUPER great idea...might have to steal that one. CONGRATULATIONS!! In this day and age, not many can say they've made it past 7 years!

  2. what a lovely happy family. I hope you have many more years of greatness

  3. I love the family picture! And I love that your lil one made you those flip flops -- too cute! happy 7 years!

    (and yes, I am way behind on reading my reader!)