Thursday, May 13, 2010

Laura...lets act like a grown up...

Well my friends, after oh, say give or take 12 years of snacking all day, and NEVER eating 3 meals a day, even when I was pregnant, I am eating like a grown up!  

What brought about the change you ask?  

Well Julia and I were discussing the other day that we can't stop eating!  Then a light bulb went off...maybe that is because we don't know when to eat!  We just were eating whenever we saw something yummy, and even sometimes not even something yummy.  Then by the time our kiddos got home we were stuffed from eating all day, and they have to eat dinner alone.  BAD BAD BAD example, BAD BAD BAD mommies!  So we thought, why not set a good example for our boys? 
Why not eat the food that NORMAL people eat for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. 

So, I have been doing as we proposed, I am eating with the boys, we are all together, they are loving it! I am eating delicious, healthy meals, and they are SOOOOO satisfying! I am not eating between meals...NEVER! I am cooking real dinners, and enjoying them because I don't feel guilty eating them because..."It is dinner time, this is your dinner Laura."

So, thanks for listening to my for my newest pattern!

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  1. I hope your epiphany works. I love the pattern