Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How Lovely

How lovely is this little dishcloth I made today? 

I found the pattern here, and it was a breeze to make! 

First pattern, besides my own, that I have made in a long time!

After making a MILLION (give or take) crappy, over cooked, dry, pieces of meat I have finally found out the secret, and made these luscious pork chops!

Cook at a low to medium heat with a super fabulous stainless steel pan!  I am sure all of you have known this, but I feel like a lightbulb, and the tastebuds simultaneously went on at the same time.  I owe it all to the uber-fantastic Gordon Ramsay!  Have you ladies seen him with his shirt off...oh, and I love the expletives that freely fly out of his handsome face!  Sam's hair looks like his in the morning.  I affectionately call him Gordon.

Thanks for the advice, and for being my eye candy Gordon!

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