Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Great Outdoor Challenge

 EBEN AND SAM 2007...RUNNING IN OUR WOODS (LOOK AT SAM'S FINGERS) is no secret...I am partial to lounging on the couch, and have a sort of short attention span for the outdoors.  My son can basically re-wire any electronic device, and from birth was more indoors than outdoors. Don't get me wrong here, yes I do GET son and nephew are "shewed" outside, and have a fabulous time there...I am the one who does not get her adequate amount of fresh air and Vit. D.  That being purged, I am inspired yet again by a post from my twinnie on her blog Rhythm of the Home.  THERE IS A NEW OUTDOOR CHALLENGE!  Come join in!  

I need to GET OUTSIDE...hell maybe it will aid me in my WEIGHT LOSS...which is not going well~ARGHHH. I am rationalizing here ladies, bear with me~

So hop on over and join the Outdoor Challenge! PLEASE????


  1. oh, what an awesome picture! we're in too, although i have yet to get a good photo!

  2. Not to worry, we struggle too. Because of the weather. It's cold! Regardless, every little bit is a great thing. I wish you luck. And I love the picture!