Monday, April 19, 2010

Daffodils and Chicken (what could be better)

After school today Sam and I went out to pick some of the Daffodils from our teeny tiny spot of garden in the back of our house.  He was a huge help!

Caution: large scissors in use with 5 year old, pardon me, almost 6 year old hands

"Here...let Mommy hold it, you cut!"


First try at flower arranging.  Pardon the glass...I am currently Vase-less in Seattle

So Proud! He did a great job

Tonight for dinner I made Herb De Provence Grilled Chicken Breasts that I am going to slice and scatter upon salads for Jay, Sam and I. 


  1. oh, he did a beautiful job.


  2. Those are beautiful flowers!! I could never produce anything that beautiful :)

    Your recipes look yummy as well. Seems we cook very similar!

    I saw that we had some similar interests so I just wanted to take the time to say Hi and just introduce myself. I recently started a blog myself. It is a "mommy" blog. I hope you will also come and visit!

    Take Care,