Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1st! Spring Table Alert

Happy days are here again.  The sun is shining, the snow is almost all melted here in my little town of home, and I am a happy lark. My mom used to call me Birdie when I was a babe...fitting!

So, inspired by my uber bloggy sister Julia, and her newest venture at Rhythm of the Home blog.
Psssttttt...SHE IS THE NEW EDITOR over there, and is doing a fantastic job!  GO CHECK HER OUT.

Oh and also don't forget the wonderful online magazine Rhythm of the Home  
brought to you by Heather and Bernadette.

Ok...on to my inspiration.  Julia posted a lovely post about Nature Tables, and the coming of spring.  There are a TON of posts by people sharing their lovely little tables, and I thought I would try my hand at 
MY FIRST spring table.

Here it spring table

Some little crochet eggs I whipped up yesterday, placed in a lovely antique flower bowl gifted to me by my wonderful Gram two Christmas' ago after my oogggllling eye wandered to it a bit too much at family functions.  SHE CAUGHT ON...I AM SO IN LOVE!

Ohhh...and you see that little green one there in the back?  That little egg is made of the lovely yarn that I swapped my measuring spoons for...VIA Lindsey from A Crunchy Life

Now who can resist a bit of Amelia Bedelia?  The aloof, friendly, always dressed for the occasion Housekeeper de'jour.  Now I must confess...I AM A LAME my Mother kindly told my son when she was watching him one day...THEN HE TOLD ME THAT NIGHT THAT SHE HAD SAID THAT...JIG IS UP NOW WITH A 5 YEAR OLD...NO MORE SECRETS!  LOL.  That being said, this book is the only book I own that is even remotely "springy".  Camping is on our minds lately.
Sam, Eben, Jay, and I made a fort...does that count?  Good...still love me?

I think the next picture speaks for itself.  HUNGRY YET??? Drooling????

Ah, and now onto my newest pattern, I thought would be fitting to have a little spring fish on my table.
It is an applique (5X3IN).  I will be posting the pattern for sale on our shop later today.

And lastly...a bit of my fabric stash that is SCREAMING at me to be used.  I brought out the old sewing machine yesterday for my valance tutorial, so you never know ladies...I might just use you up!



  1. I love love love it! Those eggs are so cool. that name.

  2. So pretty! Love the eggs and the fabrics are beautiful. :)

  3. KNOW how much that I love a GOOD children's book. I was hard pressed to find such.... at your home the other night, when putting the boys to bed. Remember my days of being in charge of the children's section at the Library? Ah.... such BLISS!My love for good books will never waiver and I thankfully....passed it on to at least one of my children. I am hopeful that my grandchildren will follow suit. I think that they do have a smidge of love.... for a good story. I am not going to give up. As you can see.... with my collection that I started for the boys,since they were born... and add to.... each and every Holiday.
    Hope "Springs" eternal.
    Love, Mom

  4. p.s.
    I love the Spring table and especially....
    the darling eggs...great job!
    Love, Mom

  5. so fun to see the similarities and differences in your and Julia's blogs~

    gonna start follwoing along over here too :)

  6. You are so crafty! I love those eggs. So glad I ran into you last night. We shall have to meet up again. Happy Easter!

  7. Everything is so pretty! Love the eggs and the fabrics. Thanks for the great giveaway too! Maria