Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Special Delivery Indeed

Today I went for a glorious, cold, fun filled, cardio induced, gossip and weight loss filled ski morning with my best friend...Julia

When I got home I found stuffed into my mailbox a wonderful surprise...

A box from my Creative Book Exchange partner, and new blog friend
Tracee of Time Stands Still

A box bursting at the seams with thoughtful, lovely books sure to do what the swap intended...peak my creativity.

Attached to the top was a lovely note

I am particularly partial to this book though

And found my newest project yet to begin...I am giddy with crochet hook at the ready.

Trace was also very kind to send along a few little books for my Sam and I to read together.
Isn't she sweet?

Such a wonderful surprise to come home to, and a great beginning of my afternoon. So thanks Tracee for making today extra special with your was appreciated!


  1. Hi there! I am so glad you like it, as soon as I saw that crochet book in my stacks(and stacks) I knew it would be perfect for you.


  2. I am so jealous, I might need to make some copies of some patterns

  3. Looks like a wonderful package you received. Enjoy!

  4. i got a smile from the richard scarry work book. we have that one. a holdover from when i was a kid, but my 5 year old now enjoys.