Sunday, January 3, 2010

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

To those wondering where I learned to crochet so fast, and where I get my patterns I thought I would share my fantastic teachers...

Teresa is a wonderful teacher, and she has many wonderful youtube video links on her blog. I have made quite a few things with her help so cudos to her.

Here is her link

Art of Crochet by Teresa

Kelly is also a fabulous teacher, and has FANTASTIC baby sweater patterns on her site. She inspires me with her generosity and donates sweaters, etc that she crochets, to a local hospital for the babes who need them.

Here is her link

Bella Bambina

Last but not least is Bev. Bev has wonderful easy baby patterns, and great tutorials. Please take a look!

Bev's Journeyings

Hope you all look at these fantastic ladies websites, and maybe you might pick up the crochet bug out, it is contagious!

P.S. Those of you who follow my twin Julia at Adirondack-Mama, PLEASE send get well vibes her way. She is sick with a nasty GI bug. Here is to her getting better soon. Love you Julia~


  1. It is addicting I caught the crochet bug and it is running rampant. I am almost finished my first hat. Those tags are so helpful. You are the bomb. See you tuesday if Jack is feeling better.

  2. thank you for the links! hope julia feels better soon!