Saturday, January 2, 2010

Any Ideas????

Julia (I tried to call you), or anyone else...

Do you know what kind of yarn this is?

I am in love with it, but it was in the enormous bag of yarn Julia let me use, and it had no label. It is bulky, and almost velvet in texture.

I had to make something with it, but don't have a lot of it so I made these little booties

I want some for my own feet~they are super soft

Thanks for any clues as to the kind of yarn this is~Laura


BTW:Today marks the 5 year anniversary of my breaking my right ankle...Happy times...LOL!


  1. Hi Honey, I think that it may be some sort of a Chenille type yarn. It looks luscious. I love the booties....lucky little one that gets those! Love, Momma

  2. i have simalar yarn patons bohemian is the name hope that helps

  3. Looks like Chenille. I made a few blankets with the stuff - so soft!

  4. I broke my left ankle almost 3 years ago. chipped the inside bone right off, have 2 permanent screws now, i feel your broken ankle pain!

    oh and I found you from your sister's blog. my new crochet blog is I'm amazing by your talent!