Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Rock Dam

Yesterday the boys got off the bus, IT WAS THEIR LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  Finally the weather is HOT!  So, I decided we should go back to the brook behind our house so we could cool off.  Instead of wearing their good school clothes, I stripped them down to their undies, and put their sneakers, and crocs on and off we headed complete with a generous dousing of bug spray.

Me first!

Across the bridge

Sooooooo COLD!

Moving the many rocks to make our dam

So strong!

"Look how deep we made it Auntie!"

Boat races

Thankfully no one broke any toes...look at the size of that rock!

We moved EVERY one of these rocks!  Nice and sturdy dam we made huh?

Tree canopy for shade~HEAVEN!

The beginning of Summer, and how much I am looking forward to more fun like this!


  1. these are some of the most gorgeous, happy photos I have ever seen, such fun, such adventure ... moments of heaven.
    Happy days xx

  2. Oh, you make me long to live there on a regular basis.

    Great shots of our boys.

    XO, Julia

  3. Oh, that looks amazing. The joy of childhood :).

    Annie was up to her knees in mud after school, with all the her friends the other day. At least they had the sense to take their shoes off first!