Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Color and fruit

Can NOT wait till these ripen...BLACKBERRRY CRISP is calling my name

Some lovely Primroses

Found some Wild Strawberries, no bigger than my index fingernail ( I feel like they are from the oompa loompas, and I am a GIANT!


  1. Your photos are just beautiful! We have tons of wild raspberries and blackberries around our house. I can't wait for them to ripen. I just hope we get to some of them before the birds and bears.

  2. Hey lady, was just going to come over and say "thanks!" for the header compliment, when WOW...I saw your new one! LOVE IT! I love pink =) Lol..that is so funny about your prenatal work outs...I just can't seem to get into an exercise routine, pregnant, or not. It never seems natural to me. I'd rather go on a walk/hike/bike ride (but I don't have a bike right now) and since I'm in Texas I just don't walk that much b/c it's so darn hot! I have this vintage little book published in the 30's called "Better than Beauty" and in there it says, 'if you do housework and run a household, you probably get enough exercise'...I like that philosophy (although I'm sure it's not true anymore) =)

  3. Yum. I LOVE blackberries. My favorite is blackberry pie. Or blackberry pancakes. Or blackberry muffins. Ooh! Or vanilla ice cream with blackberries. Mmmmm....