Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Gift for a Hurting Soul

A Prayer Scarf For Julia

Made with love in every stitch!

Thinking of you, every day~Love Laura


  1. I saw her post and wondered if the news would be affecting you as well. You are so sweet to make her a scarf, but I know you will also be delivering food and hugs and shoulders to cry on, and that's what sisters are for.

  2. Making this scarf for her is.... one of the most thoughtful and loving things that you have ever done.
    She will treasure and love it,forever... just like she does you.
    Love, Mom

  3. so lovely, adding my love and care across the miles.
    hugs to you sweet mama xx

  4. Such a wonderful sister you are

  5. What a lovely thing you have done. Sending love over the waters to you and Julia. x

  6. Oh how I love it. I wore it the other day when it was so chilly and was shocked at it's warmth and softness.

    Just like the wonderful sister who made it for me.

    I love you tons and thank you for all of your support.