Saturday, March 27, 2010


Usually I ski on my skis as I have done for over 27 years, today I flew down the mountain on my ASS!  

I was on the ski lift with Eben and Jay, when Eben accidentally dropped his mitten under the lift just before we got off.  Being the "superwoman" I am my mind, I decided to go get the $1.50 mitten.  IDIOT!!

I took off my skis, swung them over my shoulder, grabbed my ski poles, and took off under the lift. 

I got about 15 feet from the mitten, and shifted my weight into my bottom to inch over to the mitten because it was a bit slick where I was...then it happened...I WAS FREE FALLING!

I was sliding at a hugely fast pace, seeing trees, and saplings, rocks, and snow flying by me.  My skis were thrown, my poles akimbo, and my body bounced down the mountain.  All I kept thinking was...PLEASE DON'T LET ME HIT A TREE, scream...PLEASE LET ME STOP SOON, more screaming...WHY THE HELL DON'T I WEAR A HELMET...IDIOT!

Then I saw a sapling that I thought I could grab.  I reached for it, and as I did I rolled onto my stomach, and then realized...I can dig in my toes...I can claw at the ice, and so I did...AND THEN IT HAPPENED...I STOPPED! I had traveled about 150 feet.

I have more bruises and cuts than I can show, but here are a few for your viewing pleasure. 

Right Shoulder

Nose skin torn off of tip, then replaced, and scrape to the left.  THIS BLED LIKE A BITCH!

It could have been a whole lot worse, and the pain is setting in, but I am relieved! The most sad thing is that I lost the lovely wrap bracelet that Julia got for me as birthday present a few years back.  I loved it dearly. 


  1. Oh Ouch! What a way to wrap up the ski season. I am so glad you came away with just bumps and bruises (though those do look like they hurt).

  2. Bracelets are replaceable....
    YOU however...are NOT!!
    I'm So thankful that you are "alright" :)
    Love, Mom