Monday, March 15, 2010

Anyone Want To Swap with me?

I have come across the same measuring spoon set I gifted to my sister many years ago. Julia got a few compliments on them from the posts she had with pictures of her using them for baking, etc.

Picture from Julia's Photostream on Flickr:

For those who liked them I thought I might throw them into blog land and see if anyone else would like to swap something for them. 

They are pretty don't you think?

Pewter Butterfly Measuring Spoons

I love the little butterflies.

I can't decide which side is prettier, the front or the back.

 So, if you have something handmade, or bought that you in turn would like to swap for these little lovelies please post a comment below.  I especially love handmade things.  They only cost around $21.00, so obviously nothing crazy expensive to swap with, but I thought if someone had something that might like a new home, maybe I could be that person!

Just post a comment below with a description of what you would like to swap, or if you like, a link to a picture of what you would like to swap.   
 Sam will pick a winner on next Monday the 22nd.  

Tell your friends!

Have a great day, Laura!


  1. They are beautiful love the swap idea.

  2. Huh. I collect measuring spoons. How about that.

    Interested in a handmade log cabin pillow of your color choice? Cotton front, linen back? I posted about a similar project on my blog a few weeks back. Pick me, Sam, pick me!

  3. I was one of the drooling commenters on Julia's post with her spoons. :)

    I have some Manos de Uruguay wool, either in blue (like my sweater here: or a pale green, two skeins of your choice. I can even wind it for you, if you'd like.

  4. Ohh those are so cool! I would love to make a bag for you! Look through my blog, see if you see anything you like! I have an obscene number of bag patterns, so you could have your pick of bag size and fabrics!

  5. Oh! I had another thought (pardon the double post). Maybe Sam would like a tooth fairy pillow? or a crayon bag? Somehow neither of these made it onto my blog!

  6. Oh Birdie...this picture of Swirlie....made me cry...he is so HANDSOME! What a perfect and sweet face for such a perfect and sweet lad.
    Love, Momma

  7. I just wanted to pop over and say 'Hello'. Any signs of spring in the lovely Adirondacks?
    Your friend, Camille

  8. Hi girl!

    I don't have anything to swap, but I just wanted to say it's such a fun idea! hope you get something fun! :)

  9. Laura, those spoons are so gorgeous! What a treasure