Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Out of the mouth of My babe

Last night while I was snuggled up with Sam for our nightly routine, I found him twirling my hair.
I have a very small amount of mousy brown stringy hair, so I am not sure how he did this, but he did.  
It was in it's usual state of pulled back ponytail-ness.  

All of a sudden he says:

"Mommy, take this out, you look much more HANDSOME, I mean more beautiful with your hair OUT, I mean down."

I did as he wished, and he got this amazingly little smile on his face. 

He looked at me like I was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

Hmmm, is there something that I am missing?  Yes of course I fall back on my pony tail as an easy, get my frigging hair out of my face, fall back.  

 But am I trading convenience for style?

Jay swears to me that he thinks I am equally beautiful with my hair up or down...sure honey whatever you say.

Then again he didn't notice when I cut SIX inches off of my hair, so his opinion really is null and void.

SO ladies do you prefer your hair up or down, does your significant other care either way, and more importantly does it affect how you wear YOUR hair.   

Here are two photos taken today of me. Very high tech self portrait style with indoor light, and shabby non- artistic door in background.  I can hear you CRINGING Julia...sorry~

(please pardon the under eye bags...a genetic down fall which I have yet to retouch sucessfully)

Which do you prefer?




  1. I like it up. Down seems to make your face appear too long. You'd do a bob cut wonderfully.
    As for the eye issue try keeping an eye gel in the fridge and putting it on as soon as you get up. Also a light reflecting concealer may help.
    Sounds like a great routine you 2 got going.

  2. I too, like to just put my hair in a ponytail. I really only wear it down when I have time to blow dry and straighten it... which is not very often.
    I like your hair up personally, but it looks good down too! Especially if you have a handsome little boy telling you the way he likes it!

  3. I like it both, I may be partial to the ponytail only because of the fact I always have my hair pulled back.

  4. when my oldest was 5,i cut my hair into an actual style (!!), so short i can't wear it up. of course, i am in desperate need of a haircut to maintain the said style, but i love it. now i see women all over with the same style. i feel like a trendsetter. (not really, but i didn't know anyone with it when my hair cutter chopped it in the first place!)

    you look cute either way! i have been thinking it might be time to grow it out again. i do like the ease of a pony tail!