Friday, February 19, 2010

A substitute...

Albeit not my favorite thing to make, I decided since I can not sell and make baby goods, I was going to try my hand at something...GASP...for myself~

I decided to use the same premise for the clothes that I have made for babes, and increase it a bit...OK...A LOT!

I took a sweater that I wear frequently, and started my chain for the yoke neck line.  I made my chains the same length as the sweater I was using as my template.  Then I worked the sweater vest in a feel as I go, with frequent try-ons, and arm pit measuring until it all came together.  

Here is the finished product, kindly modeled by the beautiful Julia, it is very nice having a clone to try on my clothes for me.  Altering is much easier, as you can well imagine!