Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tis the Season

For decorating the trees (synthetic from Target...but I love it), and friends like the

For the sweetest little handmade tree topper I have ever seen. She was hand made by my crafty Mama many moons ago, and I love her so~

Making new Holiday decor and having pride in something again ~ I came up with this pattern, and made these table mats with floral embellishments. I love the way they came out!

Keepsake ornaments from days and loved ones gone by that bring a smile to your face, and a bit of an ache to your heart. Especially the ones that show their age ever so slightly, such as this noseless Santa

and an engraved slightly tarnished sleigh ornament both of which were given to me by my wonderful Gramma Hough when I was my Sam's age.

This precious Babe is my favorite ornament of all time from my Gram. She brought her home after one of her many trips to Alaska. She is so soft, and can you get over that little face?

Every year she had a tradition of giving us an amazingly soft snuggly night GLOWN as we called it, and a cute as pie ornament that she always put a lot of thought into. She was the best! Now her daughter, our mother, is carrying on the same tradition for our boys and I could not be happier. The boys are not too keen on NIGHT GLOWNS...NO KIDDING, so she gets the always popular Spiderman and Superheros PJ Sets for our two monkeys~ and it seems she has opted for the MOST lovely snowglobes from MACYS instead of the ornaments. They play a soft tune when you wind up their bases, and the boys love to make them snow.

Happy Holidays to you all. A special thanks to my Gram for starting these traditions, to my mom for keeping them, and a hope for me to continue adding to them.

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