Friday, December 18, 2009

I can crochet...albeit not very well, but I I DID IT!!!!

I got a bee in my bonnet this week, and wanted to get something crafty and portable! A sewing machine is not in that category. I have tried knitting and it did not strike a chord in my life, so I thought I would try something different...CROCHETING!!!!

So Julia found me this awesome book, and needle set for $9.99, and I set to work.

My first creation I tried out the single crochet stitch in baby blue

Then I decided to try something different in my favorite shade of green. I tried the double half crochet stitch, and it started out rough. I had many problems with turning the corners as you can see with the wave in the middle....

I got the hang of the corners after watching a great youtube tutorial and the end was very even~
Not wanting to waste all of my effort and time that I had spent so I turned it into a neck warmer of sorts...Laura style!

So I grabbed some thrifted buttons from an old coat of mine, stitched them in place, and Voila...

Perfectly hidden curvy parts under my collar, and snuggly warm for these cold days~

~Thanks for looking~



  1. Oh beautiful. I love the colors and what you did with the yarn. The scarf is adorable!
    Leave it to you to come up with this idea!
    Love, Momma

  2. Wow, you did an amazing job! I too love the colors, and how perfect is that scarf for this time of year? Wonderful job

  3. I love that collar...and how you ingeniously made the best of your waviness. The color is great! I need one of these.

  4. So so cute . I would buy one!

  5. beautiful collar! the color is lovely and suits you very well :)hope your weekend is lovely!

  6. Amazing so talented! you picked it up so easy. Is it easier to grasp than knitting?