Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The countdown is on... tutorial included

While Julia and I were thrifting today at our local thrift shop, I heard her say that she wanted to make an advent calendar. Hmmmmm, I should make one I thought to myself, then my Mrs. Lazy Bones mentality thought NAHHHHH~

I did purchase 5 adorable Christmas craft books from the ages, and I went to my house to flip through them looking for a cute Holiday idea.

While flipping I found I saw this adorable advent calendar that started waving furiously at me...

Ok, Ok... I will give you a try~ The original is made of lollipops, and ribbons, and has a binding.

Mine is altered (of course)

I took a heavy duty red cotton and doubled it up. I then sewed it right sides together leaving one side open and then turned it right side out and sewed the unfinished edge with the edges turned in.

Then I found some green cotton and folded it in half long ways and sketched a tree silhouette free hand. I then cut it out and centered it on the red cotton.

Then I pinned it into place and used the blanket stitch on my sewing machine to attach it and went around the entire perimeter. A first for me so pardon the flaws in the stitching.

Then I cut out a star for the top of the tree using a different fabric, and blanket stitched it in place that the top of the tree.

Hmmmmm, our local convenience store only had blow pops, and tootsie pops for lolli's, and those were not festive enough for my taste, so I found these! BONUS!!!!!

I then found some safety pins in our craft stash, and after laying the candies out evenly to a total of 24, I pinned them all in place.

Then the finishing touch, 3 little snowmen ornaments that I had bought when Sam was a baby. There is one for Jay, Sam and I.

Perfect start to my Holiday decorating, and a keepsake handmade piece for posterity. May you all find your own way to begin getting in the spirit.

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