Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What to do, What to do?

Over the past first month of his first ever school year, I have been inundated with a daily insurgence of the mandatory ADORABLE ARTWORK a'la Sam Hayden. Mixed into this precious mix is scattered the homework that we all have helped him with and he is SO PROUD of.
So, my quandary is the following: What to keep and what to ditch?

After placing all of my sons' hard work upon my kitchen table:
I set to work making piles

Pile 1:
MOST of his schoolwork (cute, but certainly not heartwarming) that will be trashed~

Pile 2:
Calendars, Newsletters, Etc. for the month to KEEP as reminders of the events that transpired

Finally, the last pile:
THE ARTWORK! Here are just a FEW examples, with captions.
Bear with me, it is my boys' handiwork of which I coo!

"My family is the blue guys, and Eben's family is the green guys"
I especially love how they have no torsos, just heads with arms and legs a' kimbo!

"My bus, and George is driving it!"

A Babar hand puppet, need I say more?

They were learning about animal fitting...ANIMALS!!!!

A beaver for the "B" week. I love the teeth!

This is supposed to be Sam, but I think it bears a large resemblance to my father "Poppy"

Thanks for looking ladies ~ you rock!


  1. I struggle with this too and my son is only 3 1/2! I love the family picture. It is funny that from a kid's perspective we are all a big head with some legs and feet attached. Sometimes I feel that way:)

  2. I am so happy that you are keeping the important ones. I love them so much.

    kisses, Julia

  3. Sam is quite the artist! Takes after his mama, I'm sure. ;)

    With so many (endless) works of art heading my way, I started scanning them into my computer and keeping them in folders with each girls' name so that I can recycle the actual papers but keep their drawings forever. :)

  4. I have not yet been able to throw ANYTHING out, so this was a good post for me to read. Looks like you kept some very special pieces

  5. i love this. (i really love his line up of smiley people!)i have posted about this (art from my lala) so many times because i love the kid art so much. we put all of it up on our art wall (with sticky tack), then when the wall is full, we take a photo of it (with lala in it if i am able). then she helps me decide what gets recycled and what gets kept. i mark her name and at least vague date on it. then it goes in the old $2 suitcase-o-art under my bed (that also has the kids newborn scrapbooks and other treasures in it).

  6. I have the same problem and my son is only 2! He does a lot of stuff at daycare and at home with me. I have a lot saved!

  7. These are beyond adorable. You will treasure them in the years to come.
    I still have some of yours and Julia's wonderful artwork. I framed some of them .... low those many years ago....and believe it or not...I still get all giddy and filled up, when I see them to this day. It's a nice feeling.

    Love, Momma