Monday, October 26, 2009

I really had my day cut out for me...

~Well, actually my day was spent cutting~

I made a point of doing something other than watching the obligatory DVR'd shows I usually watch on my day off, and decided to do something productive instead. To that end I decided to make a FEW burpies for the store.
I eventually ended up spending my day today making 36 Burpies

I began at 8:30 am and finished at 2:30 pm working non stop. It was worth every minute...believe me.
You see I only have to do this today, not tomorrow, not the next day, just today! This job is a tedious, messy job, of which, I have done for over 150 burpies during the life of our business.
In making the burpies I must relinquish my entire dining area, kitchen, carpet, clothing and my own head of hair to the fluff that exploded out of each burpie.

You see, when you cut the terry cloth it releases little bits of white snow-like pieces that cling to anything in their path.

Here I am with a lap full

And here is Ella lying amongst some of the scraps

Here they are sewn wrong side out

And right side out

And finally here they are finished and tied and ready for the sales!

All in all a lovely, productive, fantastic day!

~Thanks for reading~


  1. I love em'! Cute stuff. I don't need any burp cloths, though. My baby is a toddler now.

  2. it is great to have productive days like that...they look great!

  3. fabulous, laura! and so are the mittens and tutorial below! way to go. can you send some productive juju my way?

  4. Oh my GOD Laura!!! I can't believe how many you did!

    I cant wait to see them in person.

    Love you and hope that your arm is feeling better.

  5. Thanks btw for following me. It's nice to know I'm not too boring. ;) I really enjoy your blog too. Love your sewing how-tos. I enjoy sewing and you make it all so simple. :D Thanks.

  6. WONDERFUL,productive day MISSY! they look GREAT!
    Love, Momma