Friday, October 23, 2009

A new pattern and some cute winter vests!

Sorry for the lapse between posts, Jay had the camera and big laptop in Atlantic City

Today, inspired by Julia's newest pants designs, I was feeling crafty and decided to try something new. I grabbed my pen and paper, and MY BRAIN, and got to it! We definitely needed some winter merchandise for the shop and the crafts fair this November... summer dresses I am sure will NOT be flying off of the shelves~LOL

I decided on some cutie patootie vests to design. I have never made a vest and do not own a vest besides a zip up fleece one, but thought it would be something fun ~

Here are the patterns I designed, flaws and all: I think they will fit a 3-4 year old girl

Here are the first three in their almost finished state
( I just have to buy and apply the clasps on the outside)

The inside lapel of the vest is also the fabric I used for the outer back fabric



  1. They are so cute...
    You know me and vests.
    I love the fabric choices! Especially the corduroy.


  2. those are really cute. and I love to see kids in vests and/or sweaters instead of sweatshirts...add some sleeves and make some cute little jackets too.

  3. really cute! we all wear vests in our family. nice choice and nice design!
    i got the fabric bundle, thank you! my 5 year old immediately pointed at some and asked if i would make something for her using it!

  4. love them they are adorable