Saturday, September 12, 2009


Yesterday I had an amazing day! I woke up at 3 AM and was bound and determined after much hemming and hawing that I was going to research a new car for me. My 2000 Ford Windstar has, over time, been slowly having cumulative problems, and frankly...I am not one to like to put money into a car I already make a payment for, I therefore am a WARRANTY GAL!!!! I like to not have to worry that the repair person is going to call me back and say " Mrs Hooker...we have some bad news... your repairs will be $555.66...will that be check or charge?" I like to go into the repair station, and hand them my FULLY WARRANTED CAR'S keys, leave and know when I go back I have nothing to pay. That, my friends, is my PIECE OF MIND! You see, neither myself, nor my husband are mechanically inclined, therefore we PAY THROUGH THE EYES for car repairs, and I am SICK OF IT! I wanted a new car with an awesome warranty, and I was going to find the right car for me. After the boys got on the bus, Julia, Jay and I headed to Plattsburgh to the Hyundai Dealer. You see, Julia bought an adorable Hyundai Tucson 2 years ago and she LOVES IT! So I stopped by to see how the Elantra drove. We took a shiny, black, GLS model for a drive. LOVE AT FIRST DRIVE!!!!!! I haggled (the best I could) and got the dealer to give me $1600.00 for my VERY USED VAN, and I BOUGHT IT!!!!!!! It has the most options I have ever seen and it is AMAZINGLY cuter than my van. Oh, and it isn't RED!!! I hate RED cars and I have only had red cars because I was impulsive for those purchases. Here it is, and thanks for reading my long winded tale!!!! Tell me what you drive and why you chose it!!! I would love to hear your tales of travel!


  1. My grandma just bought herself a new car two weeks ago, a Hyundai Sonata...she loves it. I have a friend that has an Elantra and she loves it. My mom is thinking about a Santa Fe...because my aunt has one and loves it. Seems Hyundai is a car everyone loves. I am totally in love with my Honda Element, or I would be tempted. Maybe in a few years.