Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today as I pulled back the curtain to take my first of TWO daily tubs. That is right TWO!  
This baby has made it's Mama a full on bath addict!  I am not a fan of baths in general, in fact prior to being pregnant this time, I avoided them like the plague.  But since October, they are my favorite craving:

The soaking,
The warmth, 
The bubbles,

I was entertained by what I saw...

A slew of little bath toys, all of them beached together, abandoned hastily by last nights bathing of the boys, given by my husband while I was at work. 
I chuckled at the way that little plastic boy had landed while the water drained, draped over the dolphin, and posed in a diving fashion.  Oh, and the Zebra...he seemed a bit out of place as well.  The space guy at the forefront of the picture did not seem to faze my thoughts because he looks a "little off".

Before my tub, I posed for my 13 week belly picture.  
A little late, 4 days to be exact, but better late than never. 

Lastly I share with you a glimpse at the stunning jewelry set my sister MADE for me.  That is right...MADE!

She gifted me with this adorable nest charm with pearl eggs tucked inside the silver, and a pair of dangly, sparkly, matching earrings.  Aren't they lovely?  I think so too!

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