Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Merry DE-Christmas! I woke up thoroughly annoyed by the tree that just last night brought me such joy.
The twinkling lights that once made me smile and feeling happy were mocking now "HA HA, you still have us up, and it is WAY past New Years, you procrastinator! Na na na na na."

Not to be one upped by a tree mind you I set to taking it all down.  Ornament by ornament, light string by light string.  As each one was bagged up, my whole body felt calmer, happier, and more free from the stress of the Holidays.  I was left with needles (synthetic, but needles none the less), and dust, and oodles of cat hair layered under the tree. A quick vacuuming, a little re-arranging, and now I have my house back the way I like it!

Oh, and a de-cluttered table area.  SO NICE!

Since the boys are in school again, I thought it was high time for some Mommy time! I then decided to treat myself to a crochet a thon while watching a little Gordon Ramseys Kitchen Nightmares
It was the one at Moore house for those who follow the show, and I loved it!

 Hope you all have a productive lovely day also~Laura

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  1. it feels so good and cleansing to take all the christmas stuff down. What are you crocheting it looks fabulous!