Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Moving Day!

 Today I decided to mix things up!  I  was tired of our current bedroom set up, and found a few things (already in my house!)to help it look and feel better.  

But first of all I looked at my old phone area which consisted of a 3 tier bookshelf with magazines, books, games, you name it, smack dab in EYESORE heaven in the corner of my living room.  I traded that bookshelf out for a lovely chair that was my grams, and a small table I already had.  I love the sitting area, and maybe it will get me to sit down and talk to people on the phone instead of doing my usual "uh hu..yup... WHAT did you say???" that I usually do while typing away on my computer.


Then Jay and I bought a desk, that had been generously been given to me from Julia, upstairs as a MUCH needed addition to our bedroom for a place to do bills, compute, and write.  I love the set up!

Then we moved my dresser into my bathroom to make room for the desk being set up, and it was such a perfect stayed there, and I love it!

Thanks for reading and commenting! Laura


  1. love it!! it always feels great to mix things up and make them feel new and fresh. I am trying to do sorta the same thing before my company comes into town but I do need a couple cheep easy fixes first first. good job

  2. Love the new blog look! And I love what you've done w/ your house. It looks really good. Do you know where I could find a desk like that? We are always looking for lighter/easily movable furniture.

  3. Your home looks so beautiful. I love mixing it up, moving things around, etc. It just feels like a while new place to live