Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My poor child...

Is now my lucky child!!! Today after much bad mothering months, I finally provided my son with a REAL BED!!!! Granted, all toll, the kid probably only spent 1/2 a year on the futon mattress (on the floor mind you) since he spent most nights in our bed until we made him start sleeping in his own bed (see old post). But today I bought him a twin mattress, and box spring, and bed skirt. My mother provided some old sheets from my gram, and I used an old full size bed frame I had in the basement that Julia and I tie rapped to fit a twin mattress. I feel like a million bucks and feel so much better to finally have a REAL BED for my precious boy. He could have cared less about what he slept on, but I felt like a loser, and now he has an awesome, spacious, clean, lovely room to spend his nights in and he LOVES IT!!!!!! Now all I have to do is sand and paint the wall seams and walls and Voila...a finished room for my boy!

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  1. love the post. Lucky boy but more importantly what is tie rapped????????