Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hmmmmmm...I am not doing this any time soon!

Well, today I got called off and was able to bring our boys to our cousin Aurora's 5th Birthday Party. My Aunt Patti, her mother, was holding the festivities at the Avalanche Adventures mini putt and bounce house extraordinaire. I woke up to a dreary, dismal day all around and was hoping that it would be at the bowling alley instead, but I received the phone call at 11:00 saying that it was officially going to be at the fore mentioned. So I pulled up my boot straps, loaded the boys in the car, and was bound and determined to have a great time.

Here we are on our way to meet the gang! We practiced singing Happy Birthday, talked about "being good boys" and "listening" to Auntie/Mama, and how we were going to thank Aunt Patti and Aurora for inviting us. I was most excited for the possibility of a nice time!

So we get to the party, and here is the main event... The Bounce Houses!
These "death traps" were more than a little damp, slippery, and covered in stained plastic sides with god knows what smeared on them from kids faced being pummeled against the sides while jumping ensues. One child even pee'd his pants in the SpongeBob one just before we headed inside. Here are a smattering of photos from the jumping mayhem.

As you can see from the group shot...the wheels were almost all off some of the kids, ours included!

Please understand that there will be no pictures from the cake and indoor activities...I had all I could do from swallowing an entire bottle of Celexa in order to cope. So, here is a run down of the indoor events:

Unorganized present opening and scattering
Tunnel caves, and crying for mini golf
A phone call from my beloved sister who offered to come over and rescue me
Eben and Sam MELTING INTO OBLIVION that only sugar, rowdy activities, meeting many kids they don't know, and no nap by 3:10 pm can bring.
Dragging to the car, and thanking Aunt Patti for the "FUN"

OK, so it wasn't that bad until the end, but isn't that what everyone remembers? Or just me???

So on the way home, my smile had faded into an annoyed frown, which only escalated when I got stuck behind 4 cars going 35 miles an hour...and by the way, I usually don't take photos while driving, but at 35 MPH...who gives a shit!

Please God...look at Sam's face behind me in this shot!!!! It kills me!!!
Finally conked out...LONG DAY!!!!!

We woke up refreshed, and happy and over all it was a great day, but we had definately as we say: HAD IT!

Today only reinforced the reason I don't throw birthday parties for Sam. We go somewhere fun as a family and have a blast! This year we are going to the Great Escape! I am so excited!!!!


  1. Good idea I feel the same. My mother always through me big parties that I recall ending in tears because 10 little girls weren't getting along. Have a blast at the great escape that is the best present that kid could have.

  2. Gee...I'm so sorry that I missed out on all of the "FUN"! NOT!

    You KNOW how that I would have been reacting...NOT pretty! Why did Aurora wear Kate's's WAY to big for her?!?!? I bet that that was really fun trying to jump and be crazy in! Oh well....LIVE and LEARN what NOT to be doing.

    I think that your decision to do what you have been doing for the boys and their birthdays..... will be more memorable, sensible and MUCH less anxiety ridden for all that are involved!