Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What a wonderful day!

This morning we went to the Wilmington Beach! I am not a fan of this beach, but my house rats needed to do something other than stare at the tube. Jay and I took them and they had a blast! It is nice this year, very clean and well set up!

"Sam...my peener is cold!", "Mine too Eben!"

Swimming and fun eventually ensued after the initial water temp shock

Then we came home and while I crafted I sent the boys outside for some fresh air, and look what Eben found!!! A teeny tiny baby toad! (see it in Eben's hands?)

Eben said "I am a GREAT toad hun-er (hunter) Auntie!"

Sam said " Mommy, you are right, he does KICKLE (tickle)!"

How adorable is this baby toad?

Today I also made 11 pairs of baby booties and 12 burp cloths!
~They are some of my favorites~

What a WONDERFULLY productive, busy, happy day!!!


  1. good for you! I am jealous of your time to craft. I have been losing sleep to craft.

  2. HAPPY DAY! Yeah, maybe it's finally going to warm up?!Looks like a great time was had by all!