Thursday, June 25, 2009

My original nursing cover up design

So, after having used everything from receiving blankets, to button up shirts, to nothing at all while I was nursing my own son for the 18 months I nursed him, over 4 years ago, I decided to come up with a pattern for all the moms out there looking for something for their nursing time! So I sat down, and got out my Sharpie and a HUGE post it paper pad from my dads office buddies, and sketched out the pattern that eventually turned into this REVERSIBLE NURSING COVER UP. I have no baby to nurse so in the spirit of picture taking and demonstrating a product I grabbed Sam's favorite stuffed animal, Pandy, and Jay kindly took a series for me to edit! Thanks for reading my blog! I would love the feedback if anyone wants to write!!!!


  1. ditto on missing nursing, I wish I had one of those back then. My husbands friends would have been less embarrassed! clever girl you are

  2. I also want to comment about making your own pattern. Funny story my husband (who would kill me if he knew I told you) has made me a few different purse patterns. He is an artist and I think he deep down misses making and creating things. I don't like to use patterns so it is nice that you are creating them yourself.