Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Cookie Time

Today, the baby and I had a craving for cookies.  All I had were stale raspberry filled ones that would not due.  With my car in another town, and not at home I decided to make some.

I found an awesome, delicious, easy recipe at the ever handy MarthaStewart.com, and proceded to make some yummy cookies for my boy and I to decorate after school today for the first Holiday task.

I ate 4 straight out of the oven, suited my craving just fine ;)

My boy was as excited to show me something when he got home as I was to tell him of our cookie adventure ahead of us.  He made me this lovely little man in art class. 
Seriously, could it be any cuter?

at our newest little Christmas decoration, I frosted, and Sam diligently sprinkled.
He did an awesome job~I love him so!

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  1. =) You and I would make such great neighbors. We could satisfy our cravings by baking and cooking sharing our foods together. =) That little snowman guy is awesome. You should tell your son that I said that. I love it when kids get creative.