Tuesday, November 30, 2010

An appetite renewal, and a baby sleep sack / gown

Today I was happily whisked on a road trip with my good friend Martha.  We went on a 2 1/2 hrs galavant through the countryside and enjoyed ourselves immensely.  I finally have my appetite back, and was in love with my lunch today.  A huge plate of DELICIOUS nachos with spicy chicken.  AMAZING!  I was very gluttonous, and poor Martha had to watch.  Poor thing, she was VERY cute, and understanding.  We joked that if I had gotten the El Grande portion I probably would have finished those too, and not just my "single".  I got some amazing yarn, including the ones featured below which is a silk blend.  SO SOFT!

This little ditty I love so much!  It started as a vest, and then continued onto become a gown of precious proportions.  




  1. Laura this is amazing. I am in love.

  2. very cute Mama, loved your hat at ROTH .. happy days to you and yours xx

  3. Oh my cuteness! I just can imagine how adorable a baby would look all bundled up. Glad you got your appetite back! I never feel bad eating a lot when I'm pregnant ...and actually also when I'm NOT pregnant ;)

  4. Very adorable! You have to try tostitos Artisan Garlic and Black Bean chips if you are still on the nacho kick.

  5. Wonderful! I love this design. Great article in ROTM, too! :)