Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th Of July!

Just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Holiday!  Watch out for those firecrackers.  
Also, please go check out our newest pattern for sale on Etsy.  

(we made and sold well over 100 pairs of these for our shop)
Julia made a FANTASTIC $3.00 tutorial for her own pattern and it is for sale at the shop!
I had to tell everyone about it!  
Tell your crafty friends will you please???  
P.S. we just made our 46th sale!!!! YIPPY!

Oh, and I am working today~so I will be away from the computer, but look forward to everyone's pictures of their glorious Holiday.
Now off to find some red, white and blue scrubs in my stash.
Have a great day everyone~Laura

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  1. Super cute! Are those warm for the winter?